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PACE Walking Tours - discover Palestine with us
From: pace,
6 Apr 2010

The Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

PACE wishes to invite you on a journey of discovery amongst the cities and
regions of Palestine, to meet with our local people, and explore the life
and history of the country. Our new program `Tour Palestine` will be an
exceptional experience, full of excitement and knowledge.

Walking Tours in April 2010:

* Jericho/Wadi al-Qilt/Tlul abu Al-alaiq - 11th April

* Hebron and Vicinity - 18th April

* Sebestia and Jenin - 25th April

We are looking forward to discover Palestine with you.

Best regards,



PACE has been organizing tours in the Palestinian areas since 1996. From
the beginning of 2001, it has become difficult to organize such tours
because tourists have feared for their safety as a result of the political

PACE is aware of those concerns, but would like to use this
opportunity to assure you that it is totally secure and safe to travel all
over the West Bank with us including cities like Nablus, Hebron and
Qalqilia. We will assure you that you will receive the most courteous
reception from PACE`s representatives and our people.

We have recently taken hundreds of visitors from all over the world on such tours. They have included people from the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, etc.

Our customers have always come out fully satisfied appreciating the
hospitality of our people and the opportunity to see the beauty of the

Those visits have also helped reduce prejudices, and given visitors
a good insight into the present situation in the country. Further more we
would like to inform that member of different Embassies and other official
Organizations have been joining our Tours.

Thaer Atary
PACE - Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange
P.O. Box 841, Ramallah
Al-Bireh, opposite Al-Ain Mosque
Tel: 00972-2-240 76 11
Fax: 00972-2-240 76 10

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