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Jerusalem/al-Quds Multi-Day Tour
Dear Friends.

This week we will be running four full days of tours in the Jerusalem/Al-Quds area. The tours will be truly unique because they will take us across the East -West divide to include encounters with various parts of both communities including refugees, peace activists, Middle Eastern Jews, Bedouins, settlers and more. People interested in joining can come for the whole four days or for only parts.

A detailed description of the entire schedule along with prices and general info is pasted bellow and is also available on the Jerusalem reality tours website:

For any additional questions please call 0523634370 or write to:

Hope to see you there,


Jerusalem/Al-Quds Multi Day Experience

part of Jerusalem Reality Tours:

The Jerusalem/Al Quds Multi-day tour is a unique experience that allows you to get to know the city and its many different communities in the most intimate way. During these days you will be given a comprehensive picture of the modern history of the city with a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the way it affects people`s lives. The tour is part of the Jerusalem Reality Tours project meant to allow people to better understand, experience, and engage the social realities of Jerusalem-Al Quds and Israel/Palestine.

As a participant you will be walking all parts of the city, taking the same public transport that Israelis and Palestinians use to get around, sharing traditional local meals with your hosts and spending the night with Palestinian and Israeli families. This will allow you to take in all the rich sounds, smells, sights and stories that the ancient city has to offer. The tours are appropriate for those who are interested in the social, cultural and religious realities of Jerusalem/Al Quds and are willing to walk, use local transport, and sleep in regular homes.

The complete tour is 4 days (3 nights) with another optional day and night in neighboring Bethlehem. Those who would like to join for a half or full day of the tour or for 1-2 days can also do so. Tour prices include all day guiding, transport, accommodation as well as some special local meals. The tour is priced at the lowest possible rate (less then $100 per day) so as to allow all those who are interested, young or old, local or foreign, high or low wage earner to participate in it. The low cost of the tour is made possible by the fact that these are social rather then for-profit tours as well as by the generosity of the host communities and the willingness of participants to use local transport and home accommodations.

To join the tours, and especially for overnight stay, you will need to sign up ahead of time as all tours and home stays are personally arranged. For the multi day tour you will need a a medium size bag you so you can carry with you some clothes and amendments as well as a big portable bag for the rest of your possessions. You will also need good walking shoes, clothes for warm and cool weather as well as your money and passport. All participants joining the tours are doing so at their own responsibility and are required to obtain their own travel insurance.

To sign up please write to:

The prices (regular/low wage) of the tours in Israeli shekels (NIS):

Half Day: 120/80 NIS , Whole Day: 220/160, Home Stay: 180/140 NIS

Whole Day+Night: 440/380 NIS

2 Days: 420/360 NIS Per Day

Whole tour: 400/340 NIS Per Day

**20 NIS discount per day for groups of 2 or more.

*** Additional (optional) day in Bethlehem 440/400 NIS


Tuesday (optional):

19:30 Friendly dinner in central Jerusalem: get to know guides, participants and a little more about the tours.


8:00- Meeting, bag drop-off and short introduction at AIC offices, central Jerusalem

9:00-13:00 Tour of Silwan/City of David- for full description click here

13:00-14:00- Lunch at New Gate Cafי

14:00-18:00- Tour of Jerusalem/Al Quds Borderline- for full description click here

18:30-20:00- Dinner in Sheikh Jerah Neighborhood with residents

20:00-22:00- (Optional) Go out to Palestinian Bars/Caffe`s in Sheik Jerah or Rest

22:00- Home stays with Palestinian families in Sheikh Jerah


8:00- Wake up, breakfast and overview of day

9:30- 17:00- Whole day tour in Ma`ale Adumim- West Bank settlement and neighbouring Palestinian town of Abu-Dis (Biblical Bethany)

17:00- 18:00 Travel back to Jerusalem

18:00- Special dinner and Home stay with Palestinian Bedouins in Anata for full description Click Here


8:00- Wake up, breakfast and day`s overview

9:00-10:00- Travel back to Jerusalem

10:30-14:30- Israeli Black Panthers tour of Musrara neighborhood- for full description click here

14:30-17:00- Walk up Jaffa street and free time in Machane Yehuda open Market (Central West Jerusalem)

17:00-18:00- Travel to Mevaseret Zion, Western suberb of Jerusalem

18:00- Special Shabbat dinner and Homestay with Israeli families in Mevaseret Zion


10:00- Wake up, late breakfast

11:00- Pleasant hike and picnic in Jerusalem hills

14:00- Scenic hike to Lifta, 1948 village Palestinian village

16:00- Walk up quite Jaffe Street to central Jerusalem, collect bags and summarize trip

18:00- End of Trip, conclusions, happy goodbyes

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