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Anti-wall demonstrators face prison term, fines

By Ma`an News Agency

Ramallah – Ma`an – An Israeli military court sentenced a 16-year-old Hebron boy to three months in prison, while six others were sentenced to three years of probation and a 2,000 shekel (537 US dollars) of fines for participation in an anti-wall rally.

The sentencing, carried out at the Ofer military base and detention center near Ramallah in the West Bank on Sunday, saw the Israeli military prosecutor argue that the men and teenagers had endangered the lives of Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli court had previously refused to release Ash-Shueiyukhi on bail, though his attorney argued that the indictments against him had been falsified.

The seven on trial, including Ash-Shueiyukhi`s relative, were all present at the demonstration protesting the detention of Abbas Zaki, Fatah Central Committee member, who was taken by Israeli forces during an peaceful march on Palm Sunday. The marchers were demanding access for Palestinian Christians to Jerusalem, following a total West Bank closure during the Jewish Passover.

Outrage at the detention of a dozen peaceful protesters including Zaki, international and Israeli activists, sparked demonstrations the following two days in April, which included rock throwing and a heavy military presence. Following the protests, Zaki was released from Israeli custody.

After seeing him in court on Sunday, Ash-Shueiyukhi`s family said there appeared to be signs of abuse on the young man`s body. His father called the sentencing of his son a `violation of international law and the rights of the child,` and called on the intervention of the Red Crescent to protect the teenager.

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