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Bibi: Stop Racist Talk, Release All Footage!
Today (Saturday), Israeli PM `Bibi` again claimed, in rather crude terms, that the reason why the IDF killed 9 activists on Monday but today boarded the MV Rachel Corrie peacefully, is because of `...the difference between a ship of peace activists, with whom we don`t agree but respect their right to a different opinion from ours, and between a ship of hate organised by violent Turkish terror extremists,`

A few tiny details spoil this picture:

1. MV Rachel Corrie had barely 20 people on it including crew. MV Mavi Marmara had over 600 people.

2. Marmara happened first. The knowledge that people on a previous ship had been shot in the back of the head from a few cm, tends to help you make sure it won`t happen to you to. Is that the famous `deterrence` Israel keeps hoping for? Perhaps.

3. MV Rachel Corrie is an integral part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. It just got delayed a few hours en route to Gaza, and therefore was not attacked on Monday. The entire flotilla was organized by Free Gaza, with many groups taking part.

4. The clearly racist baiting of the Turkish IHH and Turks and Arabs in general, is a very shameful line of defense especially when coming down directly from the PM`s office. By its activities, the IHH is a Muslim humanitarian organization. There were accusation by a right-wing hack made 4 years ago, based on half-truth and misrepresented bits of information, that the IHH was *sometimes* used as a front for terrorism. Fact of the matter, the IHH remains legal in all countries except Israel.

Rather than try to spin today`s second shameful takeover of a Gaza flotilla ship in a racist direction, I call upon Bibi to make sure *all* media taken by Mavi Marmara passengers (video, audio, pics), and by the IDF troops attacking them, be released immediately.

This way, we will finally know the truth about Monday`s bloodshed.

Or, if you have already destroyed evidence, have the guts to admit that you don`t want the truth to be known rather than continue propagating racist lies that ultimately undermine Israel`s long-term prospects in the Middle East.

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