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Anti-wall protestors clash with Israeli soldiers in West Bank
By Xiong Tong
June 19, 2010

RAMALLAH, Palestinians and international peace activists in protest of the separation wall clashed on Saturday with Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Hebron, witness said.

The witnesses told Xinhua that the Israeli troops dispersed a peaceful protest against the separation wall that the Israel built in a number of Hebron villages.

The Israeli soldiers used tear gas to scatter the protestors and held a number of international activists for several hours, the witnesses added.

In 2002, Israel started building a 350-kilometer-long wall across the West Bank to protect Jewish settlements and roads which settlers use in moving between the occupied territory and Israel.

Palestinians complain that the wall, which Israel calls security barrier, swallows large lands in the settlement-dotted occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, the lands they want for their future state.

All of them were hospitalized in the spot, according to witnesses.

Palestinians, together with international and Israeli campaigners, protest on daily or weekly basis against the Israeli policy of land grab in the West Bank.

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA), led by Fatah leader President Mahmoud Abbas, adopted the option of popular resistance to confront Israeli measures against the Palestinians.

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