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Protest for Freedom of Movement in Shufa Village, Friday, 2.7.2010
We`ll meet in Arlozorov train station, Tel - Aviv, at 15:00.

Since 2002, IDF is cutting off Shufa Village, south of TulKarem, by blocking the road which connects the 2 parts of the village. To get from one side of the village to the other, its residents need to walk a long distance by foot; for getting to TulKarem city, they need to drive over 25 km, thus they are isolated without any justification. Compared to them, the residents of the near Avnei Hefetz settlement enjoys the ultimate freedom of movement.

Tel Aviv-TulKarem group of CFP will not let Shufa village remain isolated and imprisoned!

We, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, will march together on Friday the 2th of July, from one part of the village, through the forbidden road for Palestinian cars, toward the other side of the village. Additionally to the march, we`ll use the theater to present the unbearable, non-human implications which are the result of the occupation.

For registration and questions please fill put this online form (Hebrew):;

or send a mail to

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