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Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) releases a Statistical
Statistical Report 2009 -

PCBS releases a statistical report about the Israeli Settlements in the Palestinian
Territory for the year 2009.
The report contains statistical data about population, social, economic, and
geographic indicators of the Israeli Settlements. The report complies with PCBS`
work plan and is the outcome of PCBS` efforts to produce a series of statistical
reports that show the extent of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.
Such series of statistical reports aim to avail required data on the Israeli
settlements in the Palestinian Territory to shed light on the basic factors, which
affect Palestinian Society.
According to 2009 data, the number of settlements in the West Bank totaled 144,
the majority of which located in Jerusalem Governorate (26 settlements), and 16
of them were Annexed by Israel.
Available data indicate that the number of settlers in the West Bank reached
517,774 settlers by the end of 2009; the majority of whom live in Jerusalem
Governorate (267,325 settlers); while 201,273 settlers live in (J1). In addition,
(92,625 settlers)live in Ramallah & Al-Bireh Governorate, (57,325 settlers) in
Bethlehem Governorate, and (31,404 settlers) in Salfit Governorate. The
minimum number of settlers, live in Tubas Governorate (1,340 settlers).
The report shows that the number of settlers who live in Israeli Settlements in
the Palestinian Territory increased by more than 40 times during the period
1972-2009. In comparison, the Jews in historical Palestine area and in other
Arab Occupied Territories increased about 2 times during the same period.
The end of the year 2009 data indicate that the settlements in the West Bank
were distributed into four strips; eastern strip includes 28 settlements, mountain
strip includes 31 settlements, western hills strip includes 48 settlements, and the
greater Jerusalem strip includes 37 settlements

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