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Keshev calls for action against media personality Avri Gilad

Keshev calls for action against media personality Avri Gilad
By: Daniel Breslau
Occupation Magazine
3 August 2010

Keshev, The Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel, has issued a formal complaint to Galei Tzahal, the main Israeli Army radio station over racist Islamophobic comments made by well-known media personality Avri Gilad on the topic of the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York. In a letter to Yitzhak Tunik, the stationís director, Keshev Executive Director Izhar Beíer related the following:

I would like to draw your attention to our complaint concerning a discussion that was held on the program ďThe Last Word,Ē on August 1, 2010, during which there was a conversation between the two hosts, Jackie Levy and Avri Gilad on the subject of the placement of a mosque next to Ground Zero in New Your (where the World Trade Center had stood).

In the course of the conversation, Avri Gilad attacked the idea of building the mosque, using racist and stereotyped statements toward members of the Muslim faith. Among other things, he said: The culture of lies is the stock in trade [of the Muslim World] Ö They [the Americans] are willing to get poked in the eye and then say ďI can still see with one eye.Ē I mean, to accept the Muslimsí words when they say that building the mosque at ground zero is a monument to the victims [of the 9/11 attacks]. Itís like Hariri [the Prime Minister of Lebanon], saying I see the lie, I hear the lie, but thereís nothing I can do about it, Iím weak, my legs are spread, I donít have the will to fight this war, I donít care if my children will be overrun, I donít care if my children will be raped, I donít care if my daughters will undergo female circumcision because right now Iím not going to fight this little war over Ground ZeroÖĒ
Giladís statements express racist and gross stereotypes toward the Muslim faith. Is this religion with over 1.4 billion members characterized by child rape and female circumcision? Can you imagine a discussion on Galei Zahal in which announcers declared that the Jews of the world are essentially moneylenders?

Beíerís letter mentions that the journalistís code of ethics in Israel forbids ďincitement or encouragement of racism or discrimination on the basis of race, origin, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, profession, sexual preference, physical or mental illness or disability, political belief or outlook, socioeconomic classÖĒ The letter calls for the station to condemn Giladís statements and to take disciplinary action against him.
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