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News from US Boat to Gaza

Dear Friend,

Six weeks ago, a group of organizers took on the challenge of raising the $370,000 needed to send a U.S. boat as part of the next Freedom Flotilla that will sail to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza this fall. We believed we could defy conventional wisdom and meet this challenge because we knew you were out there and once made aware of this effort, you would be eager to join this campaign.

We were right. This movement is rapidly growing, coming together from all over this country and around the world to contribute to the effort to launch the U.S. boat, THE AUDACITY OF HOPE. Last Thursday evening, 400 people boarded a beautiful riverboat in New York Harbor and in one night raised over $50,000 for the U.S. TO GAZA campaign. There are similar events now being planned in cities around the U.S., and the sense of a nationwide movement is strong.

We are all now part of this amazing phenomenon. We have raised over $150,000 and we must continue to keep up this momentum. As important as it is to reach our monetary goal, we must also continue to succeed in creating the diverse network of people and organizations that will be necessary to have a strong presence on the ground in this country as THE AUDACITY OF HOPE sets sail. Together we will voice our opposition to a U.S. foreign policy that unquestioningly supports Israel`s illegal occupation of Palestine and the Israeli military stranglehold on the Palestinian people.

We know that in order to succeed, we must use the network now in place to expand our reach and spread this campaign. You have a critical role to play. Tell everyone you know about the U.S. BOAT TO GAZA, send them to our site and forward this appeal on to your lists. Use your own network to help fundraise in small and large ways through house-parties, outreach at events, by asking friends and family for personal contributions, or through other creative ideas that you may have. If you are connected to organizations that have not already endorsed this effort, encourage them to consider an endorsement. Please let us know what you are doing or how you want to support this campaign by writing to us at

We can make sure that, as the next ships set sail for Gaza to break the Israeli blockade, the world will see a strong and committed U.S. delegation on a U.S. boat. We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time. Thank you for your amazing support thus far, it means everything. Please join us in this next important phase of the campaign. Together we can make the U.S. Boat to Gaza a reality.




Thank you for your support.



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