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A few square miles, so what? & The new leftist
By Adam Keller
Blog -
Sept. 4, 2010

`At last we meet! Abu Mazen, you are my partner! ! This is our opportunity, a historic opportunity to reach a historic compromise which will be inscribed in all the history books!

Wait a minute, what are you muttering there? What about the construction freeze in the settlements? Really, at such a historic moment you start hair-splitting and bringing up trivial details? So we will build a few houses, and the settlements will expand a bit, so what? What are several thousand acres between you and me? Well, a few square miles, so what? Stop making a problem of everything! Yes, it`s true; the Jordan Valley must remain under Israeli control, and a few other fortifications and roads at strategic points in the north and the south and the east and the west so what, we must safeguard the security of Israel, dont we? Security above all! Well, stop nagging me! Everything will be fine, you will get a few crumbs, that`s what you can have. Enough with the complaints and the moans, let`s make a historic compromise at last! Dont you hear the wing-beat of history?`

The new leftist
A big headline in the extreme right paper Makor Rishon: `Netanyahu is a Leftist`

Columnist Ariel Kahane is in a hurry to cry out and alert the paper`s readers throughout the settlements`:

`Had anyone not been sure yet where Netanyahu stands, the events of the past two days removed the last doubt. Netanyahu is a Leftist! The wording which Netanyahu used at the Washington summit betrays the ideological shift he has undergone: `West Bank`, `President Abbas`, `you are the partner`, `painful concessions`. This is the terminology of a person who has abandoned his nationalist doctrines`.

Perhaps. But equally, it could be the terminology of a talented chameleon, who mastered the protective coloring necessary for survival in Obama`s Washington.

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