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The Truth Hurts: US Says New WikiLeaks Release �Most Damaging� Yet
By Jason Ditz

Nothing is more damaging to US foreign policy than the truth. So at least confirm a number of top US officials today in declaring the newest WikiLeaks release, a collection of State Department cables from across the globe, �the most damaging yet.� [

The release, dubbed Cablegate by WikiLeaks, includes hundreds of thousands of cables detailing the sordid actions of the US and foreign governments the world over. Among them was the revelation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered US embassies to steal credit card data from top UN officials as part of a �National HumInt Collection Directive.�

The details of all the documents has continued to trickle out over the past several hours, showing a growing number of embarrassing revelations and confirming a number of claims which officials had previously denied were true all along.

The Obama Administration has been scrambling to prepare a number of allies for the damning information that was about to be released and has since turned to �damage control� mode in attempting to explain some of its most unseemly behavior, now that it is public knowledge.

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