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Washington to PA: �Don�t Over React Over WikiLeaks Documents`
By Saed Bannoura
IMEMC & Agencies

After some documents regarding the U.S-Palestinian relations and alleged plans prepared by Washington to foil Palestinian reconciliation attempts, the White House told the Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, that the P.A should not overreact.

The White House stated during a phone conversation with the office of President Mahmoud Abbas that the P.A should not overreact to the documents that are scheduled to be fully released in the coming days.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Palestinian official told the Maan News Agency that Washington�s message indicates that the White House is not making a big deal of the issue; therefore the Palestinian leadership should also not make a big deal of it.

The White House�s message revealed that some of the leaked documents will include �assumptions regarding the U.S. support to Israel over the Palestinians and the peace process.

The documents also include �Washington�s stance against reconciliation talks between Fateh and Hamas.

Over the last few days, the White House briefed several U.S allies such as Britain, Canada, Australia, Turkey and Israel in order to inform them on the issue before the documents are published.

The Palestinian official said that �it is not a secret that Washington is acting against Palestinian reconciliation, and that it loves Israel and is trying to boost the power of Fateh leader, Mohammad Dahlan.

In an interview with the Maan News Agency, U.S State Department spokeswoman, Nicole Thompson, that the issue is not a �far-fetched possibility�, but refused to confirm or deny the reports.

Yet, Israel itself seems to be relaxed as the United States did not warn Israeli officials about any specific sensitive materials that could harms its international relations and its security.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, told reporters Sunday that Israel and the U.S. have constant and close contacts and that Washington did not give any specific details and did not seem to be concerned about the documents.

But WikiLeaks head, Julian Assange, stated Sunday that the United States practically contacted almost every country in the World �to brief them about what some of these embarrassing revelations will do�.


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