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The last day of the year - The last day of the Wall. Bilin, 31.12
The last day of the year - The last day of the Wall

Mass demonstration in Bilin, 31.12.2010

Nearly six years after they started to protest and more than three years after the Israeli Supreme Court decision which ordered the army to move the wall, the people of Bil`in have waited long enough.

The village`s popular committee is therefore calling for the last day of the year to be the last day of the wall. Join them on the 31st of December to topple Israeli apartheid and its walls. People from all over the west bank will converge on the village of Bilin on Dec 31.

The village is also calling on all supporters from Israel and from abroad who have been with them over the years to join them on this historic day. As has been the case in Bil`in over the last six years, Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis will combine their efforts in a joint struggle for liberation and justice.

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