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Big step to premiership
Eitan Haber
Ynet, December 27, 2010,7340,L-4004974,00.html

It was a mistake to think that Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman wiped off his sweat at the end of his speech Sunday at the ambassadors’ convention. The truth is that he probably laughed at length.

In one media-covered speech, Lieberman lambasted the world, Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, the Turks, the Palestinians, and leftists as well as rightist voters. He fired so many arrows, and in his view they all hit bull’s eye. Now, many people are lauding him.

In one speech, which many people view as delusional, Lieberman said what many in Israel are quietly thinking, thereby promoting his views and his party. Quite a few people would say that he speaks the truth and says what’s on his mind.

On this festive occasion, Lieberman greatly embarrassed the prime minister; we can say he humiliated him, making him out to be an empty vessel without any diplomatic plan, and if he does have one, arguing that it will never materialize.

What will Netanyahu do now? Will he dismiss Lieberman? On the eve of approving the state budget? Come on!

En route to captivating the voters and knocking Netanyahu out, Lieberman also provided his opinion on the despicable Turks and the important Palestinians, thereby settling the score with pretty much the whole world.

Yet some people would say: What courage. He speaks the truth even if it is harsh. Way to go.

Lieberman took a big step forward Sunday en route to the premiership. Yet it is not Lieberman we should be complaining about. For heaven’s sake, who appointed him as foreign minister?

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