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Fighting back against Lieberman: Protest march and demonstration in Tel Aviv Sat. Jan 15, 7pm from Gan Meir
Fighting back against Lieberman:
Protest march and demonstration in Tel Aviv
Sat. Jan 15, 7pm from Gan Meir

Demonstrate! (Because it is still possible)

The Democratic Camp, including political parties, public organizations and grassroots movements, is organizing to fight back against the governmental attack on Israeli democracy, orchestrated by Foreign Minister Lieberman.

The first public action will be a protest march and demonstration in Tel Aviv, to take place on Saturday night, January 15, 2010. The march will embark at 19:00 from the Gan Meir park on King George Street, Tel Aviv, and culminate with a mass rally at the Tel Aviv Museum Plaza.

The organizers act out of a feeling that this country stands at a critical crossroads. In the coming months it will be decided whether Israel will be a democracy, or will become a pariah, illegitimate state, slipping further and further down the slope towards outright Fascism, where the Lieberman Netanyahu - Barak government is heading.

List of participating organizations (further adherents are expected in the coming days):
ACRI (Assoc. For Civil Rights in Israel/ / Merez / / Hadash / / New Israel Fund / / Peace Now / / Maki (Communist Party of Israel) / / The Kibbutz Movement / / The Progressive Movement / / The Green Movement / / Physicians for Human Rights / / The Geneva Initiative / / Ha`Shomer Ha`tzair / / Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity / / Yisrael Hofshit (Free Israel) / / Coalition of Women for Peace / / Public Committee Against Torture / / Yesh Gvul / / Shutafut/Sharakah - Organizations for a Shared, Democratic and Egalitarian society: Agenda, The Abraham Fund, Negev Institute - NISPED, Sikkuy, Kav Mashve, Keshev, Shatil / / Gush Shalom / / Yesh Din / / Almuntada Altakadumi (The Progressive Circle)/ / Negev Coexistence Forum / / Peace NGO`s Forum / / Amnesty International Israel

Contact: Roy Yellin +972-(0)54-4654431 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+972-(0)54-4654431end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Democratic Camp Coordinator: Danny Filk +972-(0)54-47412221
Organizational Coordinator: Alon-Lee Green +972-(0)50-6230249

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