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Commemorating Juliano today 5/4 at 16:00 in el-Midan Theatre, Haifa

Against the treacherous murder
We continue the struggle
Of the martyr of freedom
Freedom fighter artist Juliano Mer Khamis

With shock and grief we received the news of the murder of Palestinian artist, known for his struggle for freedom and progress, Juliano Mer Khamis. Giuliano fell martyr for the struggle against the occupation and for the freedom of the Palestinian people. He was shot near the `Freedom Theatre` in the refugee camp of Jenin – a theatre that he managed for the last decade, as part of his artistic and political struggle, with wide support and appreciation from all the camp residents and from all over the world.
Following the murder, there was established a popular committee that includes the ` Al-Midan theater`, the patriotic political forces and Junliano`s family to coordinate funeral arrangements, which will be published later. All comforters are invited to come today, Tuesday, 05/04/2011, starting at 16:00 Al-Midan Theatre, 2 Khouri street, Haifa. Special cultural activities will be held to honor the memory of Giuliano, which is dear to us.

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