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Israel may send Qassam victims abroad
By Itamar Eichner
Ynet / Israel News
6 Apr 2011,7340,L-4052852,00.html

The Prime Minister`s Office is considering sending out a delegation of civilians whose lives and property have been damaged by rocket fire from Gaza, as part of new public relations efforts sparked by Judge Richard Goldstone`s regret over his report on the Gaza war.

The delegation, which includes children as well as adults, is to be sent to engage in public relations efforts at UN Headquarters in either Geneva or New York.

One of the possible delegates is Osher Twito, who was severely injured and lost his leg in 2008, when he was eight years old. Yossi Haimov, who was 10 when he was severely injured by a Qassam rocket in 2008, is another possible choice.

Dr. Mirela Siderer, who was injured by a Grad rocket at Ashkelon`s mall, may also be sent as a delegate. Siderer is one of the better-known victims of rocket attacks due to her testimony before the Goldstone committee sent to investigate the war.

Official`s at the Prime Minister`s Office say their aim is to bolster public acknowledgment of Goldstone`s recent admission which he published in an article in the Washington Post that Israel never willfully harmed civilians while Hamas targeted innocent people.

Matan Zuri contributed to this report


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