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Say No to `Ahava` Festival!

During Passover the AHAVA Festival is due on the shores of the Dead Sea. The festival will take place at Mitzpe Shalem, a settlement located in the Palestinian part of the Dead Sea region. The festival sponsor is the AHAVA company whose factory is also located at the same settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. AHAVA`s activities constitute an outright robbery of minerals from Occupied Territory. For more information, see Code Pink`s `Stolen Beauty` site,

This festival will see some of the biggest names in Israeli pop and rock.

The music lovers who intend to go to the festival should know that they would be taking part in an event whose aim to legitimize the settlement enterprise. Mitzpe Shalem was established in a territory occupied since 1967. It is as much a West Bank settlement as Ariel, Yitzhar or Kiryat Arba!

We call upon the artists who a due to take part in the festival: Yehuda Poliker, Eviatar Banai, Micha Sheetrit, Arkadi Duchin, Yishai Levy, Ehud Banai, Moshe Levy, The Giraffes, Mosh Ben-Ari, Hadag Nahash, Shlomi Shaban, Shuli Rand - every one of them dear and beloved - to reconsider their participation!

Participation in this festival is not a culturally neutral activity. It would be full-fledged political act, an act giving legitimizing and approving the occupation.


Hadag Nahash, `outspoken progressive leftists`, PR agent:

Yehuda Poliker, the Jiraffes, Arkadi Dukhin, Micha Shitrit -

PR agent:
Telephone 03-6913393
Fax 03-6953292

Shlomi Shaban and Shuli Rand

PR agent: Michael Tapuah,
Tel: 03-6203335
Fax: 03-6203334

Ehud Banai, longtime outspoken critic of the Occupation, longtime participant in `Ahava` festivals in Occupied Territory!
Tel: 03-5106061
Fax: 03-5106066

Mosh Ben Ari:

Evyatar Banai

Office phone and fax: same as Ehud Banai

Ishay Levy
FB page:
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