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Write a protest letter to participants in Criminologists` Conference at Ariel settlement
Dear Friends:
Several days ago, Gush Shalom sent letters to Israeli and international criminologists due to take part in a May 30 conference at the Israeli settlement of Ariel on the West Bank, pointing out that participation in such a conference amounts to complicity in the violation of International Law (see link):

We ask you to take part in this campaign, yourself writing to the same people. You can either re-send Gush Shalom`s letter, with your endorsement, or compose a text of your own. You can look up the participants` web links, appearing here.

When writing to Jean-Pierre Gauci it might be worthwhile to mention his being a board member and national coordinator for Malta of the European Network Against Racism, and with Breea C. Willingham - that she has extensively dealt with issues of ethnicity and race relations in the US, and with various issues dealing with the situation of Afro-Americans. This would seem incompatible with the two speaking at a settlement in an Occupied Territory.

It might also be worthwhile to mention the call for boycotting Ariel by Israeli lecturers and Israeli artists.,7340,L-4011006,00.html

Email addresses - international participants:

Jean-Pierre Gauci, King`s College, London


Dr. Jean-Pierre Gauci is Malta’s representative in the European Integration Forum and a He is director of the People for Change Foundation where his work is mainly research, advocacy and capacity building on migration, integration, asylum and human trafficking.
Race relations race and ethnicity issues.

Web links:

Isla Masson, King`s College, London

Web links

Breea C. Willingham, State University of New York

Dr. Stephen J. Tripodi, Florida State University

Email addresses - Israeli participants

Prof. Sarah ben David פרופ` שרה בן דוד
Dr. Gila Chen ד`ר גילה חן
Dr. Keren Gueta ד`ר קרן גואטה
Dr. Gabi (Gabriel) Cavaglion ד`ר גבי קבליון
Gil Ronen גיל רונן
MK. Julia Shamalov- Berkovitz ח`כ יוליה שמאלוב ברקוביץ`
Dr. Yael Wilchek-Aviad ד`ר יעל וילצ`ק אביעד
Dr. Brenda Geiger ד`ר ברנדה גייגר
Dr. Tali Shimkin ד`ר טלי שימקין
Dr. Mally Shechory ד`ר מלי שחורי
Dr. Inna Levy or <> ד`ר אינה לוי
Adv. Avi Himi עו`ד אבי חימי
Dr. Sharon Aharony-Goldenberg ד`ר שרון אהרוני גולדנברג
Dr. Judith Abulafia or ד`ר יהודית אבולעפיה

bcc to:
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