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Susiya, Sat May 28: 1st Anniversary Celebration of Cultural Center
Since 2010, the Susiya Center has promoted creativity and learning, inspired by and integrated with the daily life in the community. It encourages creative means for dealing with the Israeli Occupation, as well as with social and local problems. In addition, the Center develops ties among Palestinians, Israelis and visitors form abroad. In the past year, the Center held art workshops, Dabka classes, Hebrew lessons, an Arabic immersion program for Israelis and internationals, and many other activities. We invite you to participate in celebrating the Susiya Center`s first year anniversary and to show your support for its work.

Transportation info (from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv): Neria 054-4283867 Tehila 054-55855120 Dolev 054-8184467,

Center`s email:

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