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Susiyas 3rd Summer Camp A Call for Aid
30 June 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters,
In the last two years the children of the Palestinian Susiya participate for the first time in their life in a summer camp. These summer camps were initiated and organized by young women and men from Susiya itself. The summer camp initiative proves to be a great success. Over 80 children form Susiya and its surroundings took part in last years summer camp. In the two previous occasions, the costs of the summer camp were covered by some of you via the mediation services of the Villages Group (check:
This year, the organizers from Susiya appealed to several well-established international and Palestinian organizations to help them in sponsoring the coming summer camp. Until now, no positive response reached the organizers from any of those organizations. It seems that, even though some progress was made, small and remote communities such as Susiya are still marginalized by the NGO establishment of the West-Bank.
In this year, July is the only suitable time for summer camp, as the schools holiday month of August is fully occupied by the Muslim fast of the Ramadan. So time to begin with the summer camp is approaching and your help is once again needed. Anyone of you who is interested in sending a donation for Susiyas summer camp can contact us through the following address: or
Yours, Ehud Krinis on behalf of the Villages Group

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