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Sat. 17.9, 11am: Israeli and Palestinian Women Marching towards Qalandia Checkpoint: YES to Independent Palestine! YES to full UN member ship

Marching for independence Solidarity with Palestine!

Israeli and Palestinian Women Demonstrate Together,
Saturday, September 17th, 11:00, Qalandia Checkpoint
Israeli and Palestinian Women Demonstrate Together
On both sides of the Qalandia Checkpoint (near Jerusalem)
Saturday, September 17th, 11:00
YES to an Independent Palestinian State!
For Full UN Membership to Palestine!

As we approach the UN general assemblys discussion of the appeal to recognize an independent Palestinian state in 1967 borders, Israeli and Palestinian women work together, since June 2011, towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and towards achieving a just and comprehensive peace between Israel and Palestine.

Transportation for the demonstration
Jerusalem 9:30, Gan Hapaamon
Jaffa 9:00, Gan Hashnaim
Tel-Aviv 9:15, at the corner of Allenbi and Yehuda Halevy
Tel-Aviv 9:30, at the central train station, near the Shlomo-Sixt parking lot
Haifa 8:30, near Migdal Haneviim (Solel Bone)

For registration:
Jerusalem 052-7070897 (Tzili)
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa 052-3872231 (Noa; Preferably, send a text message)

(See the petition at:

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