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Israeli activists hold a Palestinian detainee exhibit in front of the Israel National Defense College Alumni Association conference in Jerusalem

Press release: For immediate release

13th December 2011

Israeli activists hold a Palestinian detainee exhibit in front of the Israel
National Defense College Alumni Association conference in Jerusalem
(photos attached - no copyright)

In 2004 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared the Separation Barrier
illegal and contrary
to international law [2]. By a vote of fourteen to one the ICJ declared that
Israel is under an
obligation to make reparation for all damage caused by the construction of the
wall in the Occupied
Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem. Instead the
State of Israel continues
to illegally confiscate lands, uproots trees and damage houses to build the
Security Wall.

It took four years but after a Supreme Court Ruling in 2007 the IDF began this
year to dismantle
the fence in Bili`in after is was proved beyond a doubt that the route of the
wall had nothing to do
with security and everything to do with extending Israel`s claim to land deep
within the West Bank.
[3] Unfortunately it is a small victory as not only was a wall still constructed
on Bili`ins land with
1,500 dunams lying on the Israeli side but to this day the wall continues to be
erected illegally, on
Palestinian land throughout the West Bank. [4]

There can be no national, security, economic, social or moral argument good
enough to excuse
the suffering the wall is causing Palestinians. Their movement is restricted and
the opportunity to
build a decent economy shattered. Access to their agricultural lands which is
the main source of
livelihood is determined by permits provided by the Civil Administration; the
issuing of permits has
dropped 83% in recent years and the difficulty and expense in gaining access to
their land have
turned farming into an infeasible venture while many residents do not exercise
their right to go to
their land. [5] Check points that have been erected extensively around the West
bank allow for
Israelis to move freely between settlements and give access to Jerusalem. These
settlements are also
illegal according to international law and are a hindrance to the peace process.

As conscientious Israelis the activists are opposed to separation, opposed to
the construction of an
illegal wall, and opposed to the land grab that is destroying families,
livelihoods and villages across
the West Bank.





[4] & [5]


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