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Soldarity: Saturday, Dec. 31, A-Tur Tour: Launching new campaign in East-Jerusalem
A-Tur Tour: Launching new campaign in East-Jerusalem

The residents of A-Tur and Issawiya have, for years, been struggling for the right to develop and expand their neighborhoods, on land that is privately owned- by them. But the State of Israel has chosen not to allow them to build, even on their own land.

Every one of the neighborhoods presented zoning plans, whose preparations costed the residents hundreds of thousands of shekels out of their own pockets, and yet the plans were never even discussed by the Israeli authorities.

Instead of allowing the residents of these neighborhoods to build schools, houses and public spaces, the State of Israel, along with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, to declare a new `National Park` on the last remaining land reserves in East Jerusalem.

Now the residents of A-Tur and Issawiya have decided, despite attempts to scare them into submission, to begin a public struggle for their rights to build on their own land. As a first step, Solidarity, along with the popular committees in the area, invites you to a tour of the new `National Park.` Come to listen, to enjoy from the `wonders of nature` in the area, and to help plan the next step in the struggle.

We will meet on Saturday, 12.31.11

At 3:00 PM in the Aroma Cafe on Mount Scopus (by Hebrew U)

For more details, and to sign up, call Daniel 0546236609

Transportation from Tel Aviv: sign up here

for the facebook event
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