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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Israeli citizen Leehee Rothschild riting to James Blake
Israeli citizen Leehee Rothschild -January 13, 2012--Israeli citizen writing to James Blake
Friday, January 13, 2012

James, it`s late Friday night, and I`m writing this in order to tell you just a bit about my day today. Like every Friday I made my way to the West Bank, to participate in the weekly protests against the wall and the occupation. This Friday I went to the village of Bil`in. Today we`ve had a special demonstration, marking a year to the death of Jawhar Abu Rahma, a 37 year old school teacher, killed by the tear-gas that the Israeli soldiers are throwing in abundance at peaceful protestors. Less than a year beforehand, Bassem, Jawhar`s brother was also killed by the Israeli soldiers, as he was shouting and begging them not to shot, since it`s a non-violent demonstration, and while he was trying to tend to an injured girl, they shot a tear-gas canister directly into his chest. The Israeli army commemorated Jawahar`s death, as well, today. They commemorating it by shooting at us, non-violent protestors, from three different directions at once, making 300 people suffocate from tear-gas, injuring 4 with rubber bullets.
This is how the state of Israel deals with non-violent resistance to its apartheid regime. It deals with it with tear-gas and rubber coated bullets, with skunk water and live ammunition, with night raids and arrests.
I`m not asking you to come and stand in the front line with us. I`m not asking you to come and face the Israeli soldiers, risking your freedom and risking your life, like so many Palestinian, Israeli and international activists do week after week. All I`m asking you to do, all we`re asking you to do, is to take a day off.
Cancel your show in Israel. Don`t be a pawn in the hands of the Israeli propaganda. Don`t help sustain a regime of apartheid and occupation. Side with the Palestinian popular struggle, side with resistance to oppression, boycott Israel, and side with freedom!
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