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Netanyahu Caught in Facebook Scandal : Prime Minister called “manipulative” for claiming people like him
Dan Klein
The Scroll
April 10, 2012

Israeli politicians might want to fire their staff, because they’re clearly spending to much time on Facebook. After a Likud spokeswoman bragged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hit 200,000 “likes” on Facebook, the office of Labor leader Shelly Yachimovich sprang into action, releasing a report showing that most of the Prime Minister’s erstwhile friends were Americans, only 17 percent were Israeli and, weirdly, 3 percent are Indonesian. “Netanyahu is a politician that can be defeated. He was not anointed as king – not even by Mark Zuckerberg,” quipped the Yachimovich staffer who blogged the report.

First thought: Were they saving this report for the next time Bibi bragged about his Facebook friends or did they put it together really fast?

Second thought: Bragging about Facebook friends is really lame.

Third thought: A new study shows a link between narcissism and a person’s showing of Facebook friends. Another study linked brain size and the same. More friends means bigger brains and more narcissism—a description that in no way, shape, or form resembles the Prime Minister of Israel.

Facebook Wars: Yacimovich Calls PM’s Bluff [JPost]
Study: People With Lots of Facebook Friends More Likely to Be Narcissists [CNN]
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