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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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NO SOCIAL JUSTICE WITHOUT ENDING OCCUPATION! [updated with transportation details]
to Mark
45 years of Occupation

Saturday June 9, 2012
Gathering at 20:00 in Rabin Square
From there, marching towards the Gan Meir Park, where a rally will take place at 21:00

=======TRANSPORTATION UPDATE================
Jerusalem - Parking lot, Liberty Bell Park (Gan Ha`paamon) at 18:15
Registration: Eithan 052-5357456

Haifa - Migdal Hanevi`im at 17:45
Registration: Yoav 050-7859475

Be`er Sheba - Merkaz Morim 17:45
Registration: Michal 050-9391299 or Muna 054-3406761

Details of transportation from further places will follow

45 years, and the occupation in the 1967 borders still continues:
45 years of denial of denial of the Palestinians` right to freedom
About four million Palestinians live under an occupation regime in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem
The policy of Apartheid, expulsion, settlement and land theft continue
600 checkpoints, thousands of political prisoners and over 300 administrative detainees without trial

The defense and settlement expansion budgets become ever more bloated, year by year

The Summer of 2011 had seen a momentous development in Israel: Hundreds of thousands of protesters joined millions, in the Middle East and throughout the world, demanding Social Justice, democracy and liberation from the shackles of oppression.

But the economic and social situation in Israel is not and cannot be detached from the political situation, from the continuing occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.

While the regional dictators are trampled one by one under the wheels of history, the government of Israel continues its policy of denial. But the peoples of our region have already shown that no regime based on brute force can maintain itself forever.

It`s time to choose between oppression, theft and settlement ג€“ or life in peace

How can we be good neighbors with people who seek freedom and democracy, while Israel continues to deny the Palestinian people the right to independence, to freedom of movement, work, health and education?

The separation policy must stop. An end must come to the injustice which contravenes morality and humanity, to the policy of ongoing expulsion.
This summer we cry out:
No Social Justice Without Ending the Occupation! An occupation which leads Israel into a confrontation with the Arab World and an international isolation like Apartheid South Africa? No way!

Anyone who wants to see peace and a decent society must go out into the streets and say loud and clear to the young Arabs and Palestinians:
We stand with you!

Anyone who seeks peace and demands social justice must go out into the streets and say loud and clear to the government of Israel:
Dismantle the settlements! Your war is not our war. Your occupation is the destruction of Social Justice and Human Rights.

We will gather on Saturday, June 9, at 20:00 in Rabin Square, and will march towards the Gan Meir Park, where a rally will take place at 21:00

The demonstration is being organized by a coalition of organizations and parties
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