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Demonstration organized by the Sudan refugees community in Israel

A demonstration organized by the Sudan refugees community in Israel will depart from Levinsky garden,at 16:00, in Tel-Aviv heading towards the UN building on Hashmonaim St.

We, Israeli citizens who live in south TLV, will join the demonstration and show that despite political efforts to separate us, we are united against the government.


Crime and women trafficking have increased ever since the establishment of the Central Bus Station, and not solely because of the refugees problem.

According to the UN treaty, the State of Israel cannot expel refugees, and yet politicians like Eli Yishay, Miri Regev and Dani Danon incite citizens of south Tel-Aviv and call for exile/

The State of Israel accepts the refugees, but offers them no jobs, which then leaves them no choice but to commit crimes in order to survive. Israel sends them by buses to tough neighborhoods, where one finds depressed populations, lacking resources, and then forces them to face this policy.

We will join their demonstration in hopes of formulating an inclusive `demands paper` - of both the refugees and the Israelis who live in south TLV. We call the state to check the actual number of the refugees, instead of throwing out numbers.

When we`re together they WILL BE AFRAID!

Spread the word and invite people from your neighborhood!
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