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No to the silent transfer of the Palestinian population out of area C!
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Israeli army forces threaten to demolish the entire Palestinian village of Susya.

This week, demolition orders for approximately fifty dwelling structures were handed out, which add to numerous additional orders issued recently. In addition, the Civil Administration has announced the residents of Susya that it intends to implement six demolition orders issued in the 1990s and 2001. From past experience, such notices are only given when there is genuine intention to go through with demolitions.

The demolition orders cover the most of Palestinian Susya. Not only dwelling structures but also animal pens, water cisterns, the solar-powered electricity system – everything.

Unlike Givat HaUlpana, This is not a case of building on lands privately owned by others. The rights of Susya’s Palestinian residents over the land in which they reside has been legally demonstrated and acknowledged by the Israeli authorities. The occupation authorities deliberately refrain from approving a master plan for Susya in order to deny its residents (like those of many Palestinian villages in area C) any possibility to build in a manner the Israeli authorities will consider legal.

Unlike the settlers form Givat HaUlpana, no one will offer the residents of Susya any reimbursement. They will receive no alternative housing. No one will speak of a housing arrangement of the interim period. Netanyahu will not offer to relocate their homes.

After their village will be demolished, the residents of Palestinian Susya will simply be tossed into the desert, and not for the first time. Since the establishment of the nearby Israeli settlement of Susya, the residents of Palestinian Susya were evicted from their lands four times.

On Friday, June 22 we will stand side by side with the residents of Palestinian Susya in a protest and support vigil and will call:
No to the fifth demolition of Susya!
No to the throwing of people from their homes and tents!
No to the silent transfer of the Palestinian population out of area C!

For transportation from Jerusalem call Moriel – 054-3157781
For transportation from Tel Aviv call Alma – 054-2292474
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