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American Widow seeks justice for slain husband on Monday
The widow of Ziad Jilani, a Palestinian executed in Wadi Joz two years ago by Border Policeman Maixim Vinagrodov, will deliver an international petition to Israel’s State’s Attorney’s office. The Petition demands that Maxim and his commander are held accountable for her husband’s death.

For more information: Moira Jilani 0522754387

We will gather at the Educational Bookstore, 19-22 Salah aDin Street in East Jerusalem, for a background briefing and then go together to deliver the petition to the Israeli Ministry of Justice at 29 Salah a-Din Street.

Monday at 10AM at the Educational Bookstore and at 10:30 AM at the Justice Ministry

Within a few days, Weinstein is expected to respond to the Israeli Supreme court as to whether or not charges will be brought against the Border Police who executed Ziad Jilani. The case has been gaining increasing international intention. On the 11th of June, the anniversary of Ziad’s death, vigils were held around the world in his memory- raising awareness about his extra-judicial execution by Israeli police, and demanding to reopen the case.
Moira and the Jilani family have led a courageous campaign to have charges brought against the police following an initial closing of the case.

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