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Call for Action!


To show solidarity with Susiya, make this photo your facebook cover photo!
(if the image did not show up in the text of the email, it is also attached as
a file below)

Dear friends,

Susiya, a small village in the South Hebron Hills in what is known as `Area C`
of the West Bank, recently received demolition orders.

For the entire village.

If you already know the story, skip to the bottom for how to take action! If
this is new information, please read on.

The Israeli government, through its `Civil Administration,` a body which is
responsible for planning (and demolitions) in Area C, over 60% of the West
Bank, justifies this plan through a faade of legalism.

After all, the houses and structures in Susiya, like most houses and
structures in the South Hebron Hills, like most houses and structures in all
of Area C are built `illegally,` or, without permits from the Israeli Civil

Not only does this claim distract from the fact that the whole occupation is
itself illegal, but it obscures the fact that on average, according to Israeli
planning rights group Bimkom, in a report based on date from between 2000-
2008, 95% of Palestinian requests for building permits in Area C were


According to Susiya resident Nasser Nawajeh, the people of Susiya have already
been through numerous demolitions and forced expulsions, beginning in 1986,
when Israeli archeologists discovered the remains of a Jewish synagouge under
Susiya and Israeli authorities then expelled its residents, on to 2001, when
settlers, backed by the IDF, destroyed Susiya`s wells and caves in a form of
collective punishment following the murder of a Jewish man, all the way up to
this year:

Nasser and the people of Susiya were informed by the Israel Civil
Administration on June 12th that 51 structures, virtually all that is left of
Susiya, will be demolished in the near future, including a kindergarten,
houses, wells, a medical clinic, and a Solar Structure built by Israeli
activists from the group Comet-ME who help bring electricity to Palestinian
villages denied service by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Palestinian and Israeli activists have been organizing non-stop here on the
ground, including an enormous peaceful demonstration last week, legal efforts,
media work and more. We realize that most of you will not be able to travel to
the region and join efforts here on the ground, but there is much to be done
from abroad!

Here`s what you can do:

1. Take facebook action! (for detailed instructions).

A. Download (drag to your desktop) the picture at the top of this email and
make it your `timeline cover photo` on facebook.

B. Put the following `Picbadge` on your profile picture: FOLLOW THIS LINK
(Super easy).

C. Take a picture of yourself inside or outside of your house which you
wouldn`t want to be demolished either- and then upload it to the facebook page
`Stand With Susiya: No to Demolition` (which you should also `like`) with your
Name, Profession and Location.

`C` is an important step: Once we have enough pictures, Israeli and
Palestinian activists will deliver the pictures, in physical copies, to the
Civil Administration in the settlement of Beit El, to let them know that
concerned citizens abroad are also opposed to the Civil Administration`s plans
to Demolish Susiya.

2. Sign and Spread Online Petitions:
Sign and spread the Avaaz Petition started by Susiya resident Nasser Nawajeh,
Save My Village!, and the petition started by Jewish Voices for Peace calling
on the US government to speak out against racial profiling and racism,
including in Susiya.

3. Read More, Learn More, and Spread the Word:

-Nasser Nawajeh, of Susiya, tells of A life in Constant Need of Rebuilding.

-Akiva Eldar in Haaretz on Susiya and Area C in general: `Palestinian
Disinheritance Sponsored by Oslo.`

-David Shulman`s reflective essay in the New York Review of Books: `I am an
Illegal Alien on my Own Land.`

-A brief history of Palestinian Susiya, assembled by Ta`ayush and Rabbis for
Human Rights.

-A short film on Susiya by Dani Rosenberg and Yoav Gross.

-Moriel Rothman in the Daily Beast/Open Zion on `Why Susiya is `Illegal.`

-A blog containing more info, maps, articles, etc: Stop the Demolitions:
Susiya Forever.

4. Pass this email onto friends, family and others!

Stand with Susiya NOW, before it is too late, and Susiya is demolished, once

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