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Protest against `international academic conference` at West Bank settlement
Protest against `international academic conference` at West Bank settlement

Dear Friends

Just recently, much controversy was aroused by the decision to confer the status
of `a university` on an institute located in the settlement enclave of Ariel in
the northern West Bank.

By chance we found out that this same institute is at this moment holding a
`scientific conference` on the subject of `Material Technologies and Modeling`,
and that it managed to get some people with serious scientific credentials to
serve as this conference`s `International Advisory Committee.

It is not clear if these sundry doctors and professors – some employed by
academic institutions, others by commercial corporations - are aware that they
are actively supporting the Israeli system of occupation, settlement and
oppression, of if they are sincerely unaware of what and where Ariel is.

In any case, it is very worthwhile to send them either a copy of the following
sample letter, with your name added in the end, or any other text you might

Please send us copies of any response you get – thank you!

Ilana Carmeli
Campaign against occupation and settlement – Tel-Aviv


Members of the `International Advisory Committee` of the Ariel Conference you’re
your convenience, emails given again in a group, at the end)

Prof. Sergey Komarov, Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd, Japan

Dr. Florian Kongoli - Flogen Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada & Wilmington,

Prof. Vladimir Ivanovich Makhnenko, The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute,
Kiev, Ukraine

Dr. Juergen Gegner, SKF GmbH, Schweinfurt, Germany

Prof. Gennady Mishuris, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Andreas Oechsner, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Sergey Shanchurov, Ural Welding institute & Ural State Technical
University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Prof. Ye Wujun Victor, Indalco Alloys, Mississauga, Canada

Prof. A. Fishman, Institute of Metallurgy of UB RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Prof. A.S. Titlov Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, Odessa, Ukraine

Prof. Jan Szczyglowski, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

Dr. Krzysztof Chwastek, Czestochowa University of Technology

Dr. Natalia Kamanina Vavilov State Optical Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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To members of the International Advisory Committee, Material Technologies and
Modeling Conference
Dear Sir or Madam

Your name appears among members of the International Advisory Committee of a
Conference on Material Technologies and Modeling which opened on August 20,and
whose subject matter is defined as `All aspects of material technologies,
modeling, simulation and computer aided optimization in materials science and
engineering`. i

You are certainly well-aware that any work of scientific research or engineering
conducted in this field must be based on exact data and precise measurements.
Imprecision or false data can lead to failure – sometimes a disastrous failure.
Nevertheless, the conference to which you are lending your name and reputation
is based on manifestly imprecise and false data.
In the conference website it is stated that it is taking place at `The campus of
Ariel University Center of Samaria, Ariel, Israel` and that `Ariel University
Center of Samaria is situated in the town of Ariel in the heart of Israel`.

The above description is completely wrong and false. Within the borders of the
State of Israel there is no such town as `Ariel` and no such academic
institution as `Ariel University Center`. There does exist a place designated by
the name `Ariel` – but far from being `at the heart of Israel`, it is in fact
located far outside the borders and the sovereign territory of the State of
Israel. neither by International Law nor by Israel`s own laws is Ariel part of
Israel. Rather, it is a settlement, an armed enclave.created in contravention of
International Law in an Occupied Territory.

Far from being an honest scientific conference, the event in whose International
Advisory Committee you are a member is clearly a politically-motivated event,
designed to further political aims and cement Israeli military rule in a
territory conquered and held down by main force. It should be mentioned that you
can come even from the other side of the world and freely attend this conference
- but a Palestinian, even one living just next door to the settlement of Ariel,
is strictly debarred from coming there (unless he or she succeeds in the
extremely difficult task of getting a special permit from the military
government). i

You, members of this `Advisory Committee`, come from a variety of countries.
Some of you are employed by academic institutions or economic corporations in
your own country, others of you are respected guests in other countries. You
should consider again whether it is a right decision to lend your name and
professional reputation to such a politically-motivated event, designed to
strengthen and bolster the Israeli settlement creation on the West Bank.

You should remember that among the many sovereign states in the world today
there is not a single one approving of the Israeli settlement project on the
West Bank. Therefore, it could be certain that by your support for the Israeli
settlement project on the West Bank you are acting in contravention of the
foreign policy aims of your own government as well as that of the government in
whose territory you might be hosted, as well as in contravention of the
expressed opinion of the International Community as a whole, expressed in
resolutions of the UN General Assembly and Security Council and in a well-
reasoned ruling of the International Court in the Hague.

You should give some thought to whether the institution in which you are
employed would like to have its name mentioned in the context of supporting such
a highly controversial project. I am sure that your scientific achievements and
credentials are more than enough for you to take a leading part in numerous
events and conferences which do not carry such a heavy taint. i

Sincerely Yours

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