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Israeli citizen to artists scheduled to perform at the the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival in occupied east Jerusalem

I am an Israeli citizen. I am active, along with Israeli friends of mine,
against my government`s policies of apartheid and occupation. It has come to our
knowledge that you are scheduled to perform at the the Jerusalem Sacred Music
Festival. I would like to ask you to reconsider your decision.

Firstly,the festival will take place in OCCUPIED east Jerusalem. It will be
sponsored by the Jerusalem municipality and Mayor Nir Barkat. Mr. Barkat and
other senior municipality figures are responsible for severe discrimination
against Jerusalem`s Palestinian citizens, and numerous house demolitions. They
also support the violent colonization of Palestinian neighborhoods in east
Jerusalem by Israeli settlers.

Moreover, Palestinian fans of music living outside Jerusalem in (other parts of)
the occupied west bank will not be allowed to enter Jerusalem and enjoy your
music. This is an APARTHEID situation.

Palestinian civil society, as well as Israeli peace and human rights activists
are asking artists like you not to endorse this unacceptable situation.

Please free to respond with any questions or comments you may have. I will
gladly address them

Best Wishes



Sponsored by the Jerusalem municipality:

Most of the action will take place at the Tower of David, in occupied East
Kiya Tabassian – vocals and setar, Ziya Tabassian - tombak and percussion
Pasi Gunguwo – mbira
Morocco /USA
Hassan Hakmoun
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