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Habayit Hayehudi MK Struck Suing Machsom Watch
Orly Halpern
The Daily Beast
Jun 17, 2013

`Netanyahu`s present government is continuing the trend of its predecessor and promoting racist laws that exclude minorities and weaker populations.`
--Meretz leader Zehava Galon, after a law was approved giving special advantages to people who served in the army.

Israeli man assaults 2 Palestinian women in Jerusalem - Layali al-Sayyad, 23, and Anwar Abu Rmooz, 21, told Ma`an that they were attacked by an Israeli man in his twenties while buying a ticket for the Jerusalem Light Rail near the central bus station in West Jerusalem. (More from Maan)

WZO Settlement Department gets more money than it is budgeted - In 2012, the department - which owns almost all the land allotted to building settlements in territories - was granted an annual budget of NIS 60.3 million, while its expenses reached NIS 272 million. (Haaretz+)

Ministers approve bill giving job preference to IDF veterans - Same proposal was dropped in last Knesset after AG warned it was discriminatory and unconstitutional. (Haaretz+ and Ynet)

Israeli forces issue 3 demolition orders in Silwan - Israeli authorities on Monday issued three demolition orders for residential and commercial properties in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. According to the U.N., 33% of all Palestinian homes in E. Jerusalem lack Israeli-issued building permits, potentially placing at least 93,100 residents at risk of displacement. (Maan)

Palestine drops bid to register new UNESCO heritage site - Palestine is backing down from plans to ask UNESCO to place Battir, an ancient West Bank village, on its World Heritage in Danger list. (Details from Maan)

IDF appoints legal adviser for cyber warfare - Officer will have to determine the legality of the targets of cyber attack, what the acceptable limits of cyber warfare will be, and what constitutes harm to civilians. (Haaretz+)

(Habayit Hayehudi) MK Struck suing Machsom Watch: they incite - `Her son she sends, go beat an Arab` - these are some of the words from a poem written by the women of Machsom Watch about MK Struck. [Her son was jailed for kidnapping and abusing a Palestinian boy - OH] MW: This is freedom of speech. (Maariv/NRG Hebrew)

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