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The John Kerry Show
From the Desk of Reuven Kaminer

July 1, 2013

The John Kerry Show / Greetings to the People of Egypt

I do not want to wax too cynical, but the John Kerry show is totally
unconvincing for anyone with a bit of knowledge and experience. We are supposed
to believe that a most senior and prominent representative of the world`s
strongest power is running back and forth between J-m and Ramallah to get the
sides to begin serious negotiations that have a real chance of success.

This `search` for the right formula for getting people to sit in the same room
for a few hours only to disagree, after a reasonable interval, about the real
goals of their meeting, is not what this is all about. John Kerry comes to the
region in order to apply massive pressure on the `weakest link,` i.e., Abbas`s
Palestinian Authority. If Kerry had in mind any idea of real progress for peace
he would not agree to visit the sides as long as Israel conducts a full court
press against every vestige of Palestinian rights in the Palestinian Occupied
Territories, while settlers roam the hills threatening violence against
Palestinian farmers. Meanwhile, believe it or not, a continuous frenzy of
feverish chauvinism in the body politic has isolated Netanyahu to the point that
he, having created an annexation hungry Golem, is no long master in his own
movement and party. Many of his seemingly loyal supporters explain that they
stay with him to prevent his capitulation to the left.

Kerry is trying to put on a show. The PA will eventually agree to a bundle of
nice words, principles, formulas and gestures enabling Kerry to announce that
both sides now agree to negotiations. Kerry will inform Abbas that Bibi has
promised Obama to `go easy` on the settlements and that the US believes that the
June 1967 borders are `relevant.`

Israel will pay for an open-ended US hands off the occupation deal by releasing
a few score Palestinian prisoners in installments. Kerry will declare a US
victory for peace in Palestine while the partners for war against Iran try and
work out a new schedule for aggression. Abbas will use the prisoner release as a
smokescreen for participating in a new chapter of the sellout of Palestinian

Honor and Glory to the People of Egypt

As I prepared to send out this analysis on the John Kerry show, events in Egypt
command our urgent attention. In contradistinction to US theatrics, events in
Egypt are the essence of historical reality. Even though it is still early in
the development of the current Egyptian revolution to anticipate events from one
day to the next, I feel the urge to repeat Marx`s declaration on the Commune:
Glory to the people of Egypt storming the gates of heaven.

Reuven Kaminer
POBox 9013
Jerusalem 91090
Israel 972 2 6414632

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