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`Civilian zone: No entry for the army`
we shall not obey
We shall not obey

`Civilian zone: No entry for the army`
large signposts with this text were attached during shabbat at some sites in the West-Bank to the red signs that are permanently displayed at the entrance to Palestinian areas with an admonition and a threat to Israeli citizens to refrain from entering these villages.
The hanging of these alternative, protest signs was executed by a group of women, citizens of Israel, who oppose the occupation and the Apartheid-laws that are in force in the occupied territories.
`This is our way to express our protest against this method of threats and intimidation. The signposts that are so-called for our `security` violate the surrounding nature and their only purpose is to scare and to cause conflict between Jews and Arabs`, it was stated in the announcement by the group of women called `We shall not obey`.
The group further declared that for some years now they visit Palestinian villages, they meet locally with Palestinian women and they go on joint tours.
Local inhabitants who passed by stopped to read the signs with interest and expressed their satisfaction about the contents of the protest message, which was written in three languages Hebrew, Arabic and English.

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