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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Settlers attack olive harvesters - your help urgently needed!
From: Rabbi Arik Ascherman

Dear Friends,

Again, Israeli citizens arriving from the settlement of Yitzhar attacked human
rights volunteers and Palestinian farmers from the village of Burin, who were
harvesting olives on Burin lands. This time the assailants used an iron rod.

What is weighing on my conscience is that, in spite of our requests for more
volunteers, we were far too few today. We must not give up, but also we can`t go
back to that place with too few volunteers.

So, please sign up to take part in the olive harvest tomorrow and for the rest
of the week. Even if you don`t feel ready to be in such a dangerous place as
the vicinity of Yitzhar - which would be completley understandable - your
presence in other, less sensitive locations, will free up volunteers to come
with us and stand with the farmers of Burin.

Please contact the office until 17:00 at 02-6482757,
Afterwards, you can contact me (Rabbi Arik Ascherman) – 050-5607034,, or Rabbi Grenimann at 050-2110639.

We cannot give in to terror, hatred and khilul ha Shem, the desecration of God`s


Rabbi Arik Ascherman
President and Senior Rabbi
Rabbis For Human Rights
Phone: 972 2 6482757, 972 2 6480893
Cellphone: 972 2 50 5607034
Fax: 02-6783611
Skype: ravarik, ravarik4

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