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Selling Palestinian olive oil to Israelis - trade, not aid
From: abed khalil
Subject: olive oil

Dear Friends

How are you? I turn to you again, as past years, to help in oil

A number of Palestinian families in different areas are facing terrible
living circumstances, making their life sometimes inconceivable and
increasingly miserable and ongoing tragedies and what makes their
situation worst is heavy financial commitments such as electricity ..water
invoices also teaching expenses and other necessities like
medicine...milk powder ..clothes; but resources are lacking.

Indeed I witness with great sorrow their condition during my field
work as facilitator for Palestinian NGOs in varying activities among them
women empowerment and raising awareness of civic education ,,democracy...
especially in RAMALLA..NABLUS ..SELFEET TULKAREM villages.

>From the beginning, while discussing these issues, I noticed
deep sighs of sadness because of their situation but lately they
informed me frankly: its difficult to deal with you and to concentrate on
civic education workshops under heavy financial problems. After long
discussions of this problems, we together reached to the following

The most active way to solve part of these problems is to sell their
olive oil produce. Worth mentioning: they lost many olive trees in the
building of the separating wall upon their lands.

So I decided to turn to Israeli friends whom I know are willing to
cooperate with them to help in this human crisis by buying olive oil
produced by these poor ..needy families.

The families are ready to sell 1 litre of regular oil by 45 NIS; 1
litre of cold pressed olive oil by 55 new NIS

Please distribute this email to friends

Transferring olive oil can be arranged by calling me on the following
numbers: 0546179703 or 0599798319

Contact person Tel-Aviv area: Aliya Strauss 03-6589983

Be well

Thanks in advance


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