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This Friday in Bil`in - a gaping hole in the wall
Roy Wagner
email report
Nov. 15, 2013

During the night and early morning, popular committees organized three direct actions of breaking and cutting parts of the wall. In Bil`in the main gate in the wall was entirely removed, leaving a gaping hole as a surprise for the soldiers. The protest started with a prayer at the Abu Lamoun Oak grove, which was attended by many locals and guests. The protesters then went on to  march toward the hole in the wall. A 100 meters from the wall protesters gathered for speeches featuring Jibril Rajoub, who was lightly sprayed with gas as he was speaking. Then, as protesters cautiously and peacefully advanced toward the soldiers, with the shabab heeding the organizers` request not to go a-stoning, the soldiers started filling the air with gas. Protesters were forced to retreat, a TV car was hit and started catching fire (which, luckily, was quickly put out), and the shabab started fighting back. Some protesters proceeded to paint graffiti on the wall, chased by soldiers. The ambulance was kept busy, but as far as I know all injuries were treated on site. The soldiers continued advancing, shooting gas and bullets for a long time.

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