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Stand with musician Omar Sa`ad as he goes to military prison
New Profile

Tommorow (Wed., Dec. 4) at 8.00 AM, the 18-year old musician Omar Sa`ad, from
Al Mughar village, will show up at the Tiberias recruitment center and will
declare his refusal to join the IDF. He expects to be sent to military prison.
Activists of New Profile will will hold a solidarity vigil outside. To be there
on time they will set out by bus from Tel Aviv at 5:45 AM (meeting point -
outside the Arlozorov Street Railway Station, Tel Aviv, register via Shahaf
Weisbein 054-4443041). A further protest will be held
on Thur. Dec. 5, at 6.00 PM outside the Ministry of Defence, Kaplan Street, Tel

Omar wrote last year about his refusal to serve:

To the Prime Minister of Israel,
To the Defense Minister,

Subject: refusal to appear for compulsory military recruitment.

I, the undersigned, Omar Zahr Eldin Mohammad Saad from the village of Mughar
Galilee, have received a notice to appear in the military recruitment offices on
31.10.2012 to conduct tests according to the conscription law imposed on the
Druze community. I would like to make the following points:
I refuse to appear for tests, because I oppose the law of conscription imposed
on my Druze community. I refuse because I am a man of peace and I hate all forms
of violence, and the military institution represents for me the peak of physical
and psychological violence. Since I received the notice to appear for tests, my
life has changed, I became more nervous, my thoughts were distracted, I
remembered thousands of cruel images, and I couldnt imagine myself wearing
military uniform and participating in the suppression of my Palestinian people
or fighting my Arab brothers. I oppose the recruitment to the Israeli military
and any other military for conscience and nationalistic reasons. I hate the
injustice and oppose the occupation; I hate intolerance and restriction of
freedoms. I hate those who detain children, the elderly and women.
I am a musician, I play the Viola , I have played in many places, I have
musician friends from Ramallah, Jericho, Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus, Jenin,
Shfaamr, Eilabun, Rome, Athens, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Oslo, and we all play
for freedom, humanity and peace, our weapon is the music and we shall not have
any other weapon.
I am from a community that was unjustly treated by an unjust law, how can we
fight our relatives in Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon? How can I hold arms
against my brothers and people in Palestine? How can I be a soldier standing at
Qalandia checkpoint or any other checkpoint, after I experienced the injustices
at these checkpoints? How can I prevent someone from Ramallah to visit his city,
Jerusalem? How can I guard the apartheid wall? How can I be a jailer to my own
people while I know that the majority of prisoners are freedom prisoners and
seekers of rights and freedom?
I play for joy, for freedom, for a just peace based on halting settlements, the
end of the occupation in Palestine, the establishment of an independent
Palestinian state with Jerusalem its capital, the release of all prisoners in
prisons and the return of displaced refugees to their homes.
Many of the youth from my community have done the compulsory service in the
army, what have we received? Discrimination in all areas, our villages are the
poorest, our lands were confiscated, there are no master plans, and no
industrial zones. Percentages of university graduates in our villages of the
lowest in the region, the unemployment rates in our villages are the highest.
This mandatory law has kept us away from our Arab connection.
This year, I will finish high school, and I seek to complete my university
education. Im sure you will try to make me concede my human ambition, but I
announce it loudly:
I, Omar Zahr Eldin Mohammad Saad, will not be the fuel to the fire of your war,
and will not be a soldier in your army .

Signature: Omar Saad

Shahaf Weisbein, New Profile Movement 054-4443041
Zaher Saad, Omar`s father: 052-2820794

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