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Support Israeli actresses refusing to perform at West Bank settlement
Please click on the link and add your signature to the petition (Hebrew test
appears before English)
You can also send a personal message to Noam Semel at

Mr. Noam Semel
General Manager
The Cameri Theatre
Tel Aviv, Israel

Dear Sir

Two years ago you, like the rest of the managers of the Israeli theaters, agreed
to hold theatrical performances in the Israeli settlements of Ariel and Kiryat
Arba on the West Bank. At that time you at least pledged that Cameri Theater
actors would not be compelled to perform at settlements against the dictates of
their conscience. Now it turns out that you do not adhere even to this minimum
pledge, and that the Cameri Theater `s management is resorting towards its own
actors to mean financial pressures.

We, the undersigned, call upon you to respect the conscientious objection of the
actresses playing in Anat Gov’s `Best Friends` (Hahaverot Hachi Tovot) who do
not want to perform in the settlement of Ariel. There can be no artistic merit
in a theatrical performance in which the actresses are forced to appear against
their will, in violation of their consciences, and under a direct threat to
their livelihood.
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