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BDS campaign against the Red Sea Jazz Festival re-launched
From: Tali Shapiro, Campaign Leader, 10 Reasons for a Cultural Boycott of Israel

Tell musicians: Don`t entertain apartheid Israel!
Update #42: Red Sea Jazz Festival BDS petition reopened!

The Jazz exploitation season is upon us again! So we`re re-opening the petition.
Everyone please SIGN and if you already have, please SHARE via email and your
social networks.

Once again a new list of artists is enlisted for the whitewashing of Israel`s
military occupation:

Samuel Yirga Quartet, Luisa Sobral, Juan Carmona quintet & Larry Coryell,
Możdżer Danielsson Fresco Trio, Escalandrum, and The Steve Shehan Sunshine

We`re happy, however, to see less and less artists and no returning artists,
this season.

The Red Sea Jazz Festival is a bi-yearly event in Israel`s city of Eilat. The
festival could have been a festival to celebrate the free spirit of Jazz music,
and this beautiful tradition of oppressed minorities. Instead, it is a
government event of propaganda, which uses Jazz music as a tool for whitewashing
military occupation, apartheid and oppression of the Palestinian people:

`We see culture as a Hasbara [public relations] tool of the first rank, and I do
not differentiate between Hasbara and culture` ~ Nissim Ben-Sheetrit, former
deputy director general of the Israel Foreign Ministry

In view of this, we ask Jazz Musicians: Please cancel your participation in the

We ask people from all around the world: Add your signature to this ongoing
campaign to boycott the Red Sea Jazz Festival.

More detailed information on the petition page


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