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Fri. Jan. 17: Stand at road junctions to support peace
Fri. Jan. 17: Stand at road junctions to support peace

On Friday, January 17, 2014, between 10 am to 1 pm , Israeli peace activists
will be standing at fifty road junctions throughout the country, to express
support for peace with the Palestinians. They will hold banners reading Peace
Junction Ahead and distribute to motorists leaflets and car stickers with the
slogan The Majority has Decided for Peace ` and collect signatures on a
petition supporting peace with the Palestinians.

Uri Avnery and other Gush Shalom activists will be present on ASrlozorov
Junction, Tel Aviv (corner of Arlozorov St. and Namir Rd.)/ To join this
specific location call 054-2340749 or write to

This campaign is initiated by the Peace NGOs Forum, headed by Dr. Ron Pundak,
Massad (Social Democratic Camp) headed by Naftali Raz and the Knesset Caucus for
Resolving the Israeli-Arab Conflict , headed by KM Yechiel Bar

The aim is to make heard the voice of the silent majority among Israeli
citizens, who support peace a majority which is revealed in public opinion
polls. So far, this voice is drowned out in the public discourse by the noisy
provocations of the enemies of peace in the Knesset and the violence of `Price
Tag ` settlers.

Various notable individuals already confirmed their participation and will be
standing Friday at various junctions across the country, including:

North Region, Gome Junction: Asaad Asaad, Colonel (ret.) and former Likud MK

Haifa Region, Alonim Junction: Prof. Gabi Salomon, Israel Prize Laureate in

Shfar`am: Sheikh Taha Abu Amin

Sharon Area, 7 Stars Mall: Prof. Danny Jacobson (Organizational Behavior) and
Brig. Gen. (ret.) Emmanuel Mano Shaked, former Paratroopers Commander

Tel Aviv, Ramat Aviv Mall: MK Amram Mitzna (Hatnua), Maj. Gen. (ret.), former
Mayor of Haifa and of Yerucham

Tel Aviv, Kibbutzim College: Aviezer Avi Yaari , Maj. Gen. (ret.) in Military

Tel Aviv, Arlosorov Railway Station: Former MKs Uri Avnery and Yael Dayan

Modi`in, Central Region: Former MK Mossi Raz (Meretz)

Mevaseret Zion, Harel Mall: Yoram Ariav, former Finance Ministry Director-

Jerusalem, at gas station on Tel Aviv Highway: Professors Ruth Katz (Music) and
Elihu Katz (Communications), Israel Prize Laureates

Jerusalem , Hatahana Harishona, Prof. Yona Rosenfeld (Social Work), Israel
Prize Laureate

Jerusalem , Emek Refaim : MK Yechiel Bar (Labor), Knesset Caucus for Resolving
the Israeli-Arab Conflict

South Region, Lakia Junction: Att. Dr. Ali alAssad

West Bank , Almog Junction : Col. (ret.) Rubi Peled

Naftali Raz , Chairperson of Massad (Social Democratic Camp) 054-5494172

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