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Israeli activists erect a huge exhibit overlooking Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway and embark on Peace Walk
Thur. March 20: Israeli Peace activists to erect a huge Dani Karavan exhibit
overlooking Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway and embark on Peace Walk, calling upon
government to reach agreement with the Palestinians

Press Release March 19, 2014

A huge exhibit designed by artist Dani Karavan will be erected in an olive grove
overlooking the Tel-Aviv, as part of a campaign to mobile public support for an
agreement with the Palestinians and increase pressure on the leaders of both
sides. The exhibit will be erected by volunteers tomorrow (Thur. March 20)
between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm.

The erection of Karavans exhibit is organized by the Million Hands for an
Agreement campaign, whose activist also started this week a Peace Walk from Tel
Aviv to Jerusalem. The Walk will be held in daily stages, to last a month and
culminate at the Passover Holiday which this year coincides with the deadline
set for concluding the round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The Walk was
had started on Tuesday this week, when activists Dror Ben-Ami and Ziv Cohen
started out from the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, in the hope that more and more
Israelis would join in and press the government to listen to the people and work
towards an agreement with our neighbors, the Palestinians.

For details of the location of the Karavan exhivit, the route of the Peace Walk
and any other information contact:
Campaign Manager Aviva Pardo +972-(0)54-4302307

================================================== ==============

On July 2013 the Israeli and the Palestinian representatives returned to the
negotiations table and a new window of opportunity has opened. Recent surveys of
public opinion Israel indicate that the vast majority of Israelis support the
idea of an agreement with the Palestinians. However, the people have virtually
no way of expressing their support and their wish for such an agreement, and
this is what our campaign is intended to provide.

Our plan of action

The byline of the campaign are colorful palms, made of various materials and in
different sizes, to be displayed throughout the country and symbolize the many
supporting hands given to chance for peace. The public campaign would
illustrate, to the government worldwide, the broad support for peace in the
Israeli public,.Landscape art instillations made of thousands of colorful palms
representing the voice of the people will be set up by volunteers at prominent
Israeli landmarks, culminating with a rally and mass display of palms in front
of the Knesset on April 2014, when the negotiations are supposed to be
concluded. We will gather in front of the Knesset to make a democratic call for
an agreement and future reconciliation.

About us

We who initiated this campaign are a three ordinary Israelis, Ziv, Dror and Guy.
Like the majority of the public, we believe that solving the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict is essential to our lives, and that the conditions are ripe. We decided
to start this campaign out of a heartfelt wish to influence the fate of our
country, provide a better future for our kids. We would like to note that our
campaign, which has no partisan affiliations and is a not for profit venture,
already gained more than 150,000 signatures of support, mainly via Facebook and
with no paid ads.
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