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Kaddish for Gaza
Rolf Verleger

My father had survived Auschwitz, and my mother survived concentration
camps in Estonia. When rearing me they made clear to me that there is the
choice between good and bad and that people are responsible for what they
have done: They educated me within the ethics of Jewish religion.

Today, alternative ethics apply to many of nowadays Jews. One of these
ethics, the one that is most compatible to Germany, reads: We Jews are above
all: victims. Today, the state of Israel is victim of eruptions of
incomprehensible hate from Arabs and anti-Semites.

I would like to ask the following questions to all those people who say
things like that.

The fact that none of my grandparents had survived the Third Reich did
this entitle the Jewish partisans and the Israeli army in 1947/48 to expel
hundreds of thousands of Arabs out of Israel?

Die `Aryanization` of my great-grandfathers Berlin parcel of land did
this entitle the state of Israel to confiscate land and property of the Arab
expatriates in the early 1950s?

The killing of my fathers brothers and sisters by the SS does this
entitle the state of Israel to exert the dictate of an occupational regime
since 47 years?

The shooting of my grandmother Hanna because she went to the barbers in
Berlin having taken off the yellow star does this presently entitle the
state of Israel to starve and massacre Gaza`s population?

Generally: Does the fact that we European Jews had become victims of a big
wrongdoing entitle the Jewish state in God`s and mankind`s eyes to do wrong
to others?

I would like to close by saying two things:

First I would like to direct your attention to a manifestation taking place
at Heinrichplatz at 6 pm, organized by Israelis. One of their demands reads:
to put an end to automatically guaranteed German support for the Israeli
side, be it military or political.

Second, I would like to say the Kaddish, which is the traditional prayer by
Jewish mourners. I will say it for the dead people of Gaza and because in
death everybody is alike for the dead Israeli soldiers even though they
have died for an unjust case.

Jitgadal weJitkadasch schmej-raba ...

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