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Acre: Day of Encounter, Study and Prayers
Acre: Day of Encounter, Study and Prayers

Join our journey to Acre (Acco) bringing together Arabs and Jews for a day
of encounter, study and prayers, Sunday Oct. 26, 2014. Buses will leave from
Jerusalem to Acco, with with Israeli Jews, East Jerusalem and West Bank
Palestinians joining. This is the third in a series of monthly interfaith
journeys we initiated during the Gaza-Israel war this past summer.

8:00 AM Meet at the Gan HaPamon parking lot and depart for Acco. RSVP by FB
message to reserve a space!

11:00 AM-1 PM: Multi-faith encounter at the Shadulli Yashruti Sufi Center:
opening blessings, joint Muslim-Jewish text study session, with kosher lunch

For those joining us in Akko, plan to come to the entrance of the central
Al-Jazzar mosque in the Old City. Call Eliyahu or Ghassan and we will send
someone to pick you up from this meeting point.

1:00 2:30 Tour the Old City of Akko, Ramchal synagogue and other sites
from Islamic and Christian history.
2:30 -3:30 Blessings by Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze religious
leaders, hosted by the Chief Imam and Rabbi of Akko, at Al-Jazzar mosque
3:30 Depart for Hof HaKarmel beach
4:00-6:00 Visit Hof HaCarmel beach, shared prayer for peace at sunset.
6:00 PM Bus back to Jerusalem, other points in the Land of the Prophets

Remember clocks change Saturday night, so dont come the wrong time!
If coming from Merkaz or the Galilee, plan to meet us in Akko. Contact us to
50 shekels donation to help cover costs.

Contact for more information, event coordinators:
Eliyahu McLean: 058-7578522
Ghassan Manasra: 054-924-7794

Event co-sponsored by the Abrahamic Reunion and Tag Meir.

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