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Red Rag weekly column: the face of a Chosen People
By: Gideon Spiro
31 October 2014 (English translation 4 November 2014)

The face of a Chosen People

The attempt on the life of Yehuda Glick by a Palestinian assailant who was
identified within a few hours as Mu’tazz Hijazi and executed by police who
surrounded his house in East Jerusalem has unleashed a filthy wave of Jewish
racism. “This crosses all the red lines” is standard response of the leaders
of the government in Israel, along with the usual cries of “Death to Arabs!”
The radio and television have given free air time to representatives of the
extreme Right, who have taken full advantage of this to propagate their racist

Yehuda Glick is a prominent activist in the messianic religious Right, the
goal of which is to take control over as much Palestinian territory and
property as possible and to shove the Arabs aside. His activism focuses on
prayer by Jews in the mosque compound in the area where the Jewish Temple once
stood, according to Jewish religious belief. I am not an archaeologist, and so
I do not know if the Temple – “the holiest place for the Jewish People” as the
religious put it – actually stood on that spot. Even archaeologists disagree
among themselves about the precise location of the Temple. But since people
believe it, the facts are irrelevant.

Glick and his comrades want to break the status quo that has prevailed since
the Occupation began in June 1967. Back then the Mufti of Jerusalem was
promised that Israel would respect Palestinian autonomy in the management of
the Islamic holy places. Part of the understanding between the sides was that
Jews would not go to the mosque compound for purposes of prayer, so as not to
arouse suspicion among the Palestinians that the Jews were beginning a process
of taking control over the Islamic holy place. Glick is running his campaign
under the liberal slogan of freedom of religion for all. No civilized person
could object to that, as long as both parties are equal. But as long as the
relationship between Israel and the Palestinians is one of occupier and
occupied, we should stick to the arrangement that was made back then between
Defence Minister Moshe Dayan and the Muslim leadership in Jerusalem.

The settlers have not concealed their objective of removing the “abominations”
(that’s what the settlers call the mosques) from the Temple Mount and
rebuilding the Temple. Hijazi, a 34-year-old bachelor, sat in an Israeli
prison for 11 years. He entered as a Fatah activist and left as a Jihad member
(an Israeli contribution to Muslim fundamentalism). He looked on helplessly as
Jews took over Palestinian assets through all kinds of shady dealings in the
context of a master plan for the Judaization of the east of the city. He took
the settlers’ plan seriously and decided to do something. That is how
religious zealots from both sides of the barricades meet, and a conflict that
should be a national one becomes a religious war, and ISIS becomes a stopover
on the route to Hell. Temple Mount zealots are willing to risk war with a
billion Muslims. They are willing to sacrifice a million Jews for the sake of
Jewish control over the Temple Mount. The result of such a war will be the
decline and disappearance of Israel.

Did Glick’s assailant “cross all the red lines”? Let us see! If assassination
reflects a change in the policy of the Jihad and Hamas, that is, instead of
sowing death indiscriminately in buses and cafés using suicide-bombers, they
have adopted the Occupation army’s tactic of targeted assassinations, [1] then
this good news of a sort, for those who use public transit and frequent cafés.
Whoever applauds every extrajudicial execution carried out by the Occupation
army as part of the “targeted assassinations” programme loses the right to
object when others adopt the same tactic. But those who protest against the
Israeli policy of executing people in general and without trial in particular
have earned the right to say the same thing to the other side. If you believe
that someone is a war-criminal, file a complaint at the International Criminal
Court and ask every state whose laws include a universal jurisdiction clause
to put war-criminals on trial to issue an arrest warrant. That is my opinion
and my suggestion.

In Palestinian Jerusalem, the east of the city as the Jewish public calls it,
a popular uprising against the Occupation regime on the municipal and national
level has been taking place for several months now. Its heroes are children
and youths armed with stones, like David back in the day. Having thrown stones
myself at British vehicles as a child under the British regime, I feel
solidarity with the Palestinians. As a child it was clear to me that I must
not throw stones at civilian vehicles, for I did not know who was travelling
in them and innocents might be harmed. So I concentrated on British military
or police vehicles that could be easily identified.

The Jewish mayor (who was not elected by the Palestinians) and the Jewish
prime minister and the Jewish police minister are competing with each other
over who can propose the most far-reaching measures to suppress the uprising.
There is a lot of talk about incitement of youth, but there is no need for
incitement. Every day they live hardship, neglect and discrimination at the
hands of the regime. They know very well who the enemy is. The leaders of the
Occupation regime have decided to impose on East Jerusalem the methods of
oppression used in the Occupied Territories, even though East Jerusalem has
been annexed to Israel. So it was decided to impose fines on the parents of
children who throw stones. This suits the Jihad and Hamas just fine. The fines
will only enhance the hostility towards the Occupation regime and at the same
time they will increase their popularity, because they will reimburse the
parents the sums they pay in fines.

Why does Israel insist on keeping East Jerusalem? Parts of it are reminiscent
of the Third World. It is a neglected area that is discriminated against and
receives little investment. No effort is made to treat it as if it were part
of the capital city of Israel. Just a headache. The answer is implicit in the
policy of “Transfer”. In secret meetings hidden from the eyes of the public,
without detailed protocols, the ethnic purification is being planned and the
big opportunity is being awaited. Jerusalem without Arabs – that is the
prevailing sweet Zionist dream.

How ludicrous, given this reality, is that “Holiday” called “Jerusalem
Unification Day”. It is a holiday worthy of dictatorial regimes that invent
holidays in honour of the tyrant, and impose them on the population, which is
commanded to rejoice. This “holiday” is characterized by a provocative
procession by violent settlers through Palestinian neighbourhoods. They
represent the dark side of the Occupation; a culture of burning mosques and
houses along with their inhabitants; instead of uprooting mountains through
their study of the Torah, they uproot Palestinian olive trees as part of the
routine programme of terrorizing the Palestinians, plundering their property,
and worst of all, the murder or wounding of Palestinians, which often leads to
files being closed in sloppy cases on a pretext like the shooter could not be
found or there was no public interest. The poisoned fruit of this culture has
been flowing from the Occupied Territories to within the Green Line, and found
expression in the murder or Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the anniversary of
whose assassination we will be commemorating soon (4 November).

In June 1983, over 30 years ago, I wrote a short column that was published in
Maariv, about Jerusalem Unification Day. Among other things, I wrote:
“Jerusalem Unification Day is part of the contamination of Israeli society as
well as the distortion of the Hebrew language.” That’s how it was and that’s
how it is.

The government of Israel and the Jerusalem municipality have proved that they
are unable to digest Palestinian Jerusalem and to provide it with services at
the level of those received by the city’s Jews. Palestinian Jerusalem must be
taken off Israel’s hands and transferred to a United Nations administration
until the signing of a permanent agreement about its status.

And the apartheid? How’s it doing? It’s doing splendidly, thanks very much.
It’s flourishing in the Occupied Territories. Our tender yeshiva boys and
ulpana girls, who use the best perfumes, cannot stand the smell that wafts off
the Arabs in the buses, so they asked the defence minister to separate the two
groups in public transportation by assigning the Arabs to separate buses. And
the minister agreed – for “security reasons”, of course. Now the children of
the Chosen People can travel on public transportation without Arabs sweating
after a day of exhausting work. The way it used to be in good old America –
the slaves there and the masters here – that is the World Order planned for us
by the Good Lord who is so beneficent to His Chosen People.

Translator’s note

1. The term used in Hebrew literally means “focused foiling” or “focused
thwarting” (sikul memuqad). It is generally understood that “foiling” or
“thwarting” is a euphemism for killing a person before he or she has a chance
to carry out an attack.

Translated from Hebrew for Occupation Magazine by George Malent
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