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NB: UPDATED, CHANGE OF HOUR - Combatants for Peace: On November 15, Israelis Will Say `Yes` to a Palestinian State
In order to permit the participation of a large Palestinian presence from different parts of the West Bank , we will begin the event a little later in the morning.
The following is the updated schedule:
09:45 Meeting at the Shlomo Sixt Car Lot, near the Central Train Station (Arlozerov) in Tel Aviv and departure for Jerusalem.
10:45 Meeting at the Western part of the parking lot of Teddy Stadium (near Gate 13).
11:00 Briefing in the parking lot and departure to the venue.

It is important to know:
Despite the expected presence of Border Police, we do not anticipate problems.
We will be active in an area in which we can be freely present and we will not be violating public order.
We will take all measures so that the event will be held without any friction or confrontation and then we will leave the area.

Ending time:
We will return to Jerusalem at the latest at 15:00
And be in Tel Aviv, at the latest at 16:00

Combatants for Peace:

On November 15, Israelis Will Say `Yes` to a Palestinian State

Because independence for the Palestinians means true independence for Israelis

Join us, a large group of Israelis and Palestinians, in a demonstration of popular democracy, solidarity and hope.
The event will take place on the two sides of the separation wall, on Saturday, 15/11/14 the Palestinian Declaration of Independence Day.
The event will challenge the validity of the separation barrier in regard to relations between peoples, and will create a constructive interaction between the two communities an interaction that is intended as a declaration of our support for Palestinian independence. And thereby also free us of the burden of Israeli domination over another people.
At the event we will use giant puppets towering above the wall, and we will be accompanied by a film crew documenting our activities.
Shuttles will depart from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
8:30: Tel Aviv Central Railway Station complex, Shlomo Sixt car rental parking lot.
9:15: Jerusalem Teddy Stadium parking lot, across from the Mall.
Please register on the online form:
Please bring your own food and drinks.
Contributions, to cover expenses and ongoing activities of `Combatants for Peace`, will be warmly welcomed.
For further information please write to

November 15 is the date of the declaration of the creation of a Palestinian state, a declaration adopted by the UN General Assembly with the support of 104 countries in 1988. 111 countries, including all the Arab countries, most countries in Africa, most countries in Asia, most countries in South America and most Eastern European countries have recognized, in one form or another, the Palestinian Authority as a political entity, even though most of them have not acknowledged it as an independent state. 96 of them have formalized diplomatic relations, some with ambassadors. In spite of proclamations by the Chairman and leaders of the Palestinian Authority of their intention to unilaterally declare the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, the announcement has yet to be made. Diplomatic activity has resulted in a number of countries including Russia, Cyprus and most South American nations to declare their recognition of the State.
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