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Stop distribution of Ahava settler products in the Netherlands
Natalie Cohen
new distributor of Ahava in the Netherlands, email campaign

Here is news on Ahava in The Netherlands: Teva used to be the distibutor
from 2015 this will go to a company called Care Cosmetics.
We have started a email and New Year card campaign to write to Care
In the campaign message we argue that
- Ahava is produced in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank
- Ahava pilfers raw materials from an area in occupied Palestina
- Ahava sells its product as `from Israel` , which is incorrect according to
EU regulations
- By becoming its distributor Care Cosmetics will become complicit with
Ahava`s breaches of international law

Care Cosmetics has responded to our criticism on facebook, see below.
We would appreciate your support to our campaign. Please join our campaign
or write to Care Cosmetics using the address below.

Many thanks!!




Jade 300 3316
LJ Dordrecht

T. +31 (0)78 - 65 21 580
F. +31 (0)78 - 65 21 589


` There have been negative messages posted on our social media channels as
response to the press release that Care Cosmetics from 1 January 2015 is the
new distributor of AHAVA products. Care Cosmetics is not
politically oriented but wants only the best products available
to deliver to its customers.

AHAVA has confirmed to Care Cosmetics that:
- AHAVA is mining the minerals entering in the manufacturing of their
products in Massada, which is located on the Israeli border of the
Dead Sea. Contrary to allegations from political activists like Code
Pink, which is not a credible reference in this matter. The AHAVA
mining is done in-line with the international regulations governing
shared resources between bordering countries.
- AHAVA has recently conveyed this message to the High Commissioner
for Human Rights at the United Nations, which has been brought to the
attention of its members.
- In accordance with the Oslo Accords, there is nothing illegal with a
plant located in `Zone C` of the West-Bank. The EU regulations fully
authorize the import and the sale of these products into any EU country.
Speaking therefore about the `business world being under attack` and
about `crimes` is irresponsible.

For this reason we have decided to no political messages on our
online channels.`
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