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Uriel Ferera released from military service
Ruth Ferera

Dear Friends,
I am happy to inform you that last week Uriel Ferera was released from the Israeli military after spending 177 days in jail. You can read more about Uriel`s release in this article from the online magazine +972.
That said it is important for you to know that refuser Udi Segal was also recently released from military service after making the difficult decision to get a medical exemption. Udi feels that he will be able to work against the Occupation in a more efficient way if he is not in the military. Again thank you for standing with Udi during this very difficult time.
Today in Israel`s alternative media we learned that alumni from Jerusalem`s Israel Arts and Sciences Academy published a letter to future graduates calling them to consider refusing to serve in Israel`s occupation army. You can read more about this here:
I have one more item to share with you. As of this month I no longer serve as New Profile`s international network coordinator. In a recent work meeting it was decided that no member will be able to hold a paid position for longer than two years, although at the time I was able to extend my term to three years. The logic behind this decision is to allow others to take on responsibility and share the power. Unfortunately the decision to not allow me to serve in this capacity also means that most other options of contributing to this important NGO, which I co-founded, are very limited and I have been more or less phased out.
I am saddened by the decision but have decided to remain a member of New Profile, even if less active and on the sidelines, because I believe that this organization is one of the more important organizations for social change in Israel today.
All of you, friends and supporters, that are on this list remain dear to me. I will continue to inform you regarding imprisoned refusers if I can, but not more than that. I will no longer be able to meet with delegations or groups as unfortunately most meetings with these forums are held during the day, and now I am busy looking for new daytime employment. (Naturally any suggestions or direction that you may have will be greatly welcome.)
I don`t know what New Profile intends to do with regards to requests to meet in the future. For the meantime there isn`t anyone taking my place, but you can still write me with requests and I will give your message to New Profile. I hope there will be continuity.
I will miss meeting with you, either in person or online. When I first started this list in 1995 when my son Yinnon announced that he would not serve in the Israeli military in 1995, I never dreamed that it would grow and become such a important part of my life and activism. You have become a wonderful connection with the world outside and I loved meeting with all of you and sharing with you about New Profile and the refuser movement. I am sure that in some way or another we will remain in contact and hopefully even continue to meet. You can still follow me on Twitter for daily tweets. My handle is @hillerruth
Thank you all for being there for me and New Profile. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
All the best,
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